A view from above., Lake Travis mile marker 42.....

804 Turkey Tree Rd

Located inside a section of the original Hollingsworth Ranch, Turkey Tree Road is a gated private easement that extends approximately one mile long from County Road 414 in Spicewood, Texas to the water's edge of Lake Travis.  The Hollingsworth's hope is that another family will cherish this historic property being blessed by its serene setting, and graciously steward it into generations to come.

Approximately 20 families currently own lots along this easement, with a variety of unrestricted home sites along the route.  You will find a handful of unkept properties with future transition opportunities doors down from newer investors who have identified a diamond in the rough and are actively making drastic monetary improvements to the area.  

The private easement is minimally maintained by the voluntary Property Owners Association.  There have been recent discussions around the desire to have the easement paved as the community continues to be developed.

While 804 Turkey Tree occupies the 2.78 acres outlined above in red, 800 Turkey Tree is located directly to the west of it on 1.39 acres and is available to compliment the purchase of the 804 property.  800 Turkey Tree is an existing home site with a well.

Turkey Tree Park

The private Park Owners Association maintains the Turkey Tree Park and Boat Ramp.  While the Hollingsworths have been active members and recently sponsored the installation of the concrete boat ramp, future property owners are left at their discretion as to whether they choose to buy into the private park.

There are currently approximately 8-10 families who are private park members.